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06 February 2013 @ 04:37 am
Fic: The Blackest of Blacks (Spike)  
Title: The Blackest of Blacks
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Spike
Word Count: 198
Rating: G
Summary: The monster in him is awake and on edge.
Notes: Written on 18/12/11.

Bloodlust. A rich little girl, veins pumping blood, and the adrenalin in her system making it all the more sweet. Desire and a yearning so strong he’s surprised he hasn’t caved and eaten her already.

The monster in him is awake and on edge. Alert and prepared to strike at any moment. For now he keeps it in check.

Soon he will give it free reign and the girl’s situation will turn from bleak to worse, austere, charcoal slates to the blackest of blacks, impenetrable and deep.

She won’t escape.

She’ll barely have time to scream.

He licks his lips. Dinner time is so close. Nearer and nearer by the second – and he won’t eat til the time is right. A second girl appears in the entrance to the alleyway and her scream when she sees him, vamped out, her friend in his clutches, marks the time.

He drinks deep and bathes in the gurgling screams from his victim and the louder, more frantic screams from the friend. Her screams fade as she runs.

He leaves quickly; the girl must have attracted some attention by now.

His thirst is less, and there’s a smile on his blood-tinged lips.

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